How to Taste Chocolate (video)

by Valerie Beck, chocolate expert, founder of the original nationwide chocolate tours, and sweet speaker

Light check during taping of a video on how to taste chocolate. Collecting my thoughts, or savoring chocolate mindfully?

Video on how to taste chocolate

I’ve been a chocolate maniac since the age of 4, when I announced to my mother and my kindergarten teacher that I would no longer be drinking milk unless it was chocolate milk!

It wasn’t until I started eating chocolate mindfully though, that I gained a deeper appreciation of chocolate’s nuances. Transitioning to top quality two-ingredient chocolate also helped!

Click for a short video I made as part of advising services for the Haitian Chocolate Project, on how to taste chocolate for enhanced enjoyment.

Hint: the video works even better if you have craft chocolate while watching, as I did from Violet Sky Chocolate made with Haiti cacao, to play along!

Violet Sky Chocolate - in the video I'm tasting the swoon-worthy Haiti

Thank you, and here’s to mindful enjoyment, at any age, of nature’s perfect superfood-based glory: chocolate!

Your friend in chocolate,

Valerie Beck
CEO/Founder Chocolate Uplift
Chocolate Consultant and Broker, Sweet Speaker
social media @chocolateuplift